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Forgot my CPS Password

Students, if you forget your CPS password, please be ready to answer your challenge questions!
1. Go to RapidIdentity Password Reset and type your username. If you forget your username, please see one of your teachers for help. Only your scheduled teachers may be lookup your account information.
2. You MUST answer all 3 questions correctly in order to reset your forgotten password. If you are unable to answer your questions, please see one of your teachers for help.
3. Your new password MUST NOT contain your first or last name, CPS ID number nor username. Click Next and then Finish in order to save your new password. DO NOT close this window or navigate elsewhere.
4. If you get the following prompt below, please see one of your teachers to reset your password.
5. After a teacher resets your password, please setup your challenge questions to complete future password resets on your own.