Student Attendance

During remote learning, we are accepting phone calls to the school to report an absence. Only a parent or legal guardian can call the Hubbard designated attendance hotline to have an absence recorded. Please make sure to include the student's name, the date the student will not be participating in remote learning, the reason why the student is not able to participate, the callers' name, and contact phone number. 


Attendance Hotline 773-535-2200  Extensions: English: 26496  & Spanish: 26495


Emphasis is placed upon good attendance and punctuality.  Parents will be contacted when a student is absent from school. Students are expected to attend all classes during the school day.  Students who accumulate excessive class cuts will be referred to the discipline office. Consequences for cutting class include parent conferences, in-school suspension and out of school suspension. Full and half day attendance is based on the number of classes a student attends that day.  A student who misses a class without a valid reason receives a cut for that class and may be charged with ½ day of absence.

Parents are encouraged to check their child’s progress in the parent portal.