Hubbard High School is a medium-sized neighborhood school with a highly successful IB Program that has been around since 1998.  We have something for everyone at Hubbard, and our IB students are involved in many extra-curricular activities and athletic teams. 
International Baccalaureate-- Students are in a cohort with their highly motivated peers taking six honors classes freshman and sophomore year.  Students can also take AP Government and AP United States History freshman and sophomore year.
IB courses are inquiry-based classes with the same teacher during the junior/senior years. IB classes are excellent preparation for college, and our IB students earn college credit, often with generous scholarships to college.  
Congratulations to our 2022 IB graduates who completed  their IB coursework and assessments! Many students received 4+ grades in multiple subjects, which translates to college credit! Congratulations to the  IB Diploma Candidates who earned the prestigious IB Diploma.  
Jean Brown, IB Coordinator
[email protected]
773-535-2200, ext. 2-6494