IB Student Resources

Freshman/Sophomore Year

Students are enrolled in six pre-IB courses that prepare them for the IB Diploma Programme, which begins junior year. Teachers work collaboratively to help students develop self-management techniques along with critical thinking and analytical writing skills.


Junior/Senior Year

Students enroll in seven IB classes that are spread out over two years with the same teacher.  Students must take three Higher Level (HL) courses and three Standard Level (SL) to qualify for the IB Diploma. Students can earn college credit for each subject if they score high enough on the IB assessments.


IB English Literature (HL)

IB Spanish (HL)

IB History of the Americas (HL)

IB Mathematical Studies (SL)

IB Biology (SL))

IB Visual Arts (SL)

IB Psychology (SL)

Theory of Knowledge


Additional IB Diploma Requirements

Creativity, Activity, and Service)--Students complete a variety of CAS experiences and one CAS project (See attached CAS Handbook).

Extended Essay--Students work with a teacher mentor to complete an independent 3500-4000 word research project (See attached Extended Essay Student Handbook).


AP Credit

  • Students also take AP Government their freshman year and AP U.S. History their sophomore year.
  • Students have the option of taking the AP English Literature and AP Spanish tests junior/senior years.