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We will rely on the cloud and the apps in Google Drive as the main "school supply" for class.
If you really need to buy something just because you like to, you could get some of these optional supplies:
  • USB drive - We will store everything on the school network and in the cloud but .... in case you like to carry your work around and don't want to worry about accessing Google Drive.  Storage size doesn't matter, cost does ($5 or less is good enough) - because you will probably lose it or forget it.

  • A computer mouse - We have a mouse for you to use.  It will work and it's nice and "new".  If you want to buy your own, they're inexpensive ($5 - $10) and some people are more comfortable with their own mouse because they don't know who was handling the classroom mouse before them.  Keep in mind, you'll be carrying a computer mouse around with you. 
    Buying your own keyboard is either overboard, extra or cringe (depending upon how you speak).

  • Crayola Colored Pencils and Markers - they will be on sale for $1 and you will ask for them at some point during the year.  I don't have a classroom supply of either but if you have them - someone will want to borrow them.

  • Baby Wipes - not Clorox wipes or disinfecting wipes.  Baby wipes, like you use to clean up a baby when you change the diaper or they make a mess.   Like the markers and colored pencils, I don't know why you will ask for one, but you will.  
    Not a big pack - the "25 count, unscented, "I got these for $1 at the store"" packages are sufficient. Just like the colored pencils and markers - if you have them, your peers will expect you to share them.
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Mr. O'Hara wasn't raised here but he decided to come to the Chicagoland area for college and liked it so much that he stayed.  When not teaching, he enjoys watching hockey, youth basketball and college football with friends and family.  
In addition to teaching in the computer science department, Mr. O'Hara is also the head baseball coach and works closely with the technology department and various clubs.
My schedule for the 2023-2024 season:

P2 315 Game Programming I & II
P3 315 Game Programming I & II
P5 315 Exploring CS
P6 315 Exploring CS
P7 315 Exploring CS