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Program Objectives
  • Increase the academic performance and preparation for post-secondary education.
  • Increase the rate of high school graduation and participation in post-secondary education.
  • Increase GEAR UP students and their families’ knowledge of post-secondary education options, preparation, and financing.
Program Components
  • In-school Instruction
  • Student Development Seminars
  • Content Tutoring
  • English, Math, and Science Advance Placement Courses
  • Saturday Activities, including Early Credit
  • Summer Programs
  • College Readiness Programs
  • Parent Programs
  • Teacher Professional Development
Program Benefits
  • Creates a social context for collaborative learning, performance-based assessments, and work experiences.
  • Develops opportunities for rigorous academic preparation.
  • Develops opportunities for the creation of knowledge and inquiry in the school and community.
  • Supports student learning by enhancing students’ engagement in the creation of their own knowledge.
  • Increases student and parent awareness of post-secondary education and career options to promote college attendance.
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