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Best SAT Online Sites
Khan Academy is a personalized learning resource with the goal of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy has tons of practice exercises and instructional videos that users can access through a personalized learning dashboard covering a variety of subjects, from Computer Engineering to Macroeconomics to SAT Prep. Khan Academy's SAT Test Prep course is unique because they've partnered with The College Board, the provider of the SAT to create an official SAT prep course.
The Princeton Review has several options for SAT Prep. You can take a completely self-paced course, an expert-led program, or a personalized private tutoring program. The Self-Paced package includes a comprehensive SAT course with personalized on-demand lessons (you also get access to a complete ACT course as well). With the Ultimate Classroom option, you get 25 hours of live instruction from an SAT expert and four proctored practice tests, as well as access to the self-paced SAT and ACT courses. In the Private Tutoring Program, you can work with a one-on-one tutor for 18 hours to build a plan, set goals for yourself, and prepare for the SAT. With every one of The Princeton Review's SAT Test Prep options, you get lots of video content, practice tools, and various types of guidance throughout your SAT studies. Each course comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren't happy with your SAT score after using The Princeton Review, you can prep again for free or get your money back.
PrepScholar offers online test prep courses for the SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT. The people who create and teach their courses have scored in the 99th percentile or higher on the test they teach. All of PrepScholar's courses are customized, so you can focus on your specific needs while prepping for the test you are up against.
Magoosh is an education company run by a bunch of (self-proclaimed) education nerds who want to help students achieve their academic dreams. They offer test prep for a number of tests, including the SAT, ACT, and GRE. In addition to test prep courses, they offer several awesome apps, two of which made our list of the 20 Best Self-Guided ACT Resources.
Chances are, you have heard of—or even benefitted from—Kaplan and their many educational resources. Even if you have gone to one of their tutoring centers or used one of their study books, you may not have realized that Kaplan offers a range of online SAT Prep Courses.
Private Prep is a tutoring company that offers test prep, academic support, and college prep services. Their tutors focus on helping students live up to their full potential, through confidence building, engaging instruction, and encouraging students to work hard. No matter the content you are working on with Private Prep, they provide personalized curriculum to meet your learning style and academic needs.
Kranse Institute was created with the goal of preparing all students for higher education. They recognized the importance of standardized test scores in college admissions, and so created the Kranse Institute SAT Prep Expert, an online course to help students achieve higher SAT scores. The Kranse Institute SAT course was developed by Shaan Patel, a perfect SAT scorer and Shark Tank winner.
Testive believes in the power of technology, but also in the power of human interaction. Their test prep utilizes both technology and human coaches to prepare students to succeed on standardized tests. Testive has both ACT and SAT courses, with several prep options. Their prep is focused on working closely with a coach and getting customized content so that you can learn in the way that works best for you.
Peterson's has a number of college prep resources, including test prep, college admissions coaching, writing help, and scholarship databases. Since the company is focused on more than standardized test prep, you might benefit from other services in addition to their SAT prep.
College Board is the best site to find everything about SAT and practice test.
Everything you need to know to prepare for the ACT test.